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About ARGO

We are providing secure & innovative solutions

Sail secure with ARGO VTS, an innovative and cost effective application based on Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC) service.

"ARGO" is an innovative vessels' tracking system which is developed by NGC A.S., a Norwegian company established in Stavanger, Norway. Our team of experts integrate unique software tools, innovative methodology, expertise and knowledge into reliable solutions aimed for the fulfillment of our customers needs. "ARGO" makes fleet tracking a swift process for the shipping and yachting community, be it owners, crews or operators. It provides a simple and cost effective solution for monitoring and controlling your fleet, drastically reducing your administrative costs.

ARGO Vessel Tracking System

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How it Works

ARGO lets you track your vessels at a glance

Take your Time!
  • Prepare
  • Install
  • Test
  • Work
We are taking a full picture of your vessels' fleet and we prepare the full solution for you. We install ARGO in your vessels and we offer you a server to install the application. We test the whole project and you are ready to use it withinh 4-5 working days. You just stay calm and you got it!
User Interface
  • The Tools
  • Reports
  • Useful
  • Warnings
A full set of tools is available for ARGO admins and users to satisfy the most demanding needs and requirements of the shipping industry.
  • Requirements
  • Planning
  • Customization
  • Solutions
We are working constantly to integrate new capabilities in ARGO. Our development team is always there to listen to our customers' proposals, requirements and needs and bring up new innovative tools and solutions, customized for each customer!
Picture of your Fleet
  • On Line
  • Optimization
  • On Time Info
With ARGO you have a full picture of your vessels 24/7, you can arrange your planning in just a few minutes and create secure conditions for boosting your business!

ARGO provides you with the easiest way to overview and manage your fleet throughout the world. You can plan and calculate your voyages and trips in advance using our simple but powerful tools. It also allows you to swiftly monitor any discrepancies from the intended/planned route and take corrective actions, in a very simple and efficient way.


An eye for detail makes our applications excellent

ARGO service is based on an in-house application developed for collecting position and date-time data from vessel's satellite communication system. The amount of data required is minimal thus saving communication costs. For cross-reference data are also collected through the coastal AIS (Automatic Identification System), combined with Marine Traffic data.

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Top reasons to sail with ARGO

ARGO offers an easy, complete, dependable, reasonably priced solution for fleet tracking and management. Integrating information from external sources presents all parties involved, such as owners, crews and staff, with a powerful tool for their day –to-day operations. Everything is there on your screens should you wish so. No other application delivers so much for so little.

Innovative Services

We use cutting edge technology to support your business

Reliable Application

There is no way you may loose contact with your fleet.

Always online

We are here for you 24/7 and you can reach us using phone, mail, chat.

Oustanding Support

We are here for you solving any problem, providing a reliable partner to assist you anytime.


Our team combines fantasy and high quality skills

High skilled young programmers have worked together with experienced personnel, ex naval officers that have the knowledge of the real world, to produce a unique application that ensures our customers' daily rutine without surprises!

Photo of Mike Smith
Thomas Galinas
Project Director

Thomas holds a strong backround in banking and shipping as he has been a hard working professional in both domains. He managed to lead succesfully a set of banking and shipping projects during the last thirty years.

"The most important for us in NGC is to provide our customers with more than an app, to give them the chance to secure their business and support them efficiently and cost-effectively".

Contact Thomas
P: (123) 456-7890
Chris Sarantinos
Main Software Developer

Programming is for me not just work, it is a pleasure of creativity and fantasy, my dream of creating innovative code and produce services that will be really unique and helpful!

ARGO is a software that is most promising because of the way it has been built. There are a lot of new stuf that we embody everyday in the software trying to make our customers' life easier and lessen their daily workload. We still develop the application everyday using cutting edge technology tools.

P: (123) 456-7890
Jonathan Smith
Application Designer

As a team we are making miracles! We work a lot and we have the ability to transform the needs of our customers to code and finally to the services they ask for. We use deep machine learning to make the difference and we support all kinds of AI to make our cutomers happy!

ARGO development never stops. As life and evolution nevers stops, our programmming effort for ARGO is coming up as a daily routine. New tools, processes and modules are the critical challenges for us. Our moto, "just name it and you get it" is very well known by our customers.

P: (123) 456-7890


Frequently Asked Questions

You can have a full idea about ARGO by reading our FAQ session carefully. Our answers are simple and accurate. Check out what you can get byusing ARGO!.

Why ARGO? What is ARGO?
We named our system "ARGO", after the ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed from Iolcos to Colchis to retrieve the Golden Fleece, according to the Greek mythology. Bearing in mind that NCG is a Norwegian company with strong presence in Greece, it was decided that the name of our product should bring favorable connotations between the first high-sea mythological marine voyagers and the modern excellent capabilities it provides. "Argonautica" an epic poem by Apollonius Rhodius (ancient Greek poet - 3rd century BCE) is one the best sources of the myth about the quest for the Golden Fleece. "Argo" was the well-built, lightweight, seaworthy, open-seas sailing vessel. The vessel had magical properties due to the fact that a piece of timber, collected from the sacred forest of Dodona in ancient Greece, was incorporated in her bow. It could then foretell prophecies and speak of them to the crew.This is exactly the connotation we want to bring about. Fast, easy, reliable, near real-time information that ARGO VTS is able to provide to owners, managers and crews.The "ARGO" Web Platform is an in-house developed application for illustration and report management of the Vessel's/Yachts positions to our customers' screens. Other applications are also incorporated into our platform thus creating a cohesive informational status of any vessel/yacht's whereabouts, if it is subscribed to our service, as well as of the conditions surrounding or to be met by the vessel/yacht..
What are the main features of ARGO, how can we start working with it, how fast we can start using the application?
ARGO is a fleet/vessel tracking application that allows you to track your fleet anywhere in the world. It can provide and combine the following characteristics: Coastal AIS tracking or ARGO tracking, navigational warnings, ECA Zones on Google Maps, Nautical Maps, Piracy warnings, Weather and Currents forecast, and various alerts. Since ARGO is a specialist system anyone acquainted with the maritime business environment will very easily find the way through its various options. Setup procedures are minimal and well documented upon purchase of the product. So starting up should be considered an easy and fast task.
How can we buy ARGO services, what kind of support we have and what about pricing?
Just follow the links provided on our websites and reach the Purchase menu on NGC AS webpage and choose the plan you wish to have for your fleet. There are two options available for using our services, or you can get in touch with us to provide a flexible and customized solution. We support you 24/7 via e-mail or on line chat.
Does ARGO require special training for users and admins?
ARGO does not require any special training for all people involved in using it. The interface is simple and user friendly, and experience by use can be obtained very easily. Our team is also available for any queries that might occur during the use of the application.
What kind of infrastructure and software do we need for using ARGO? Who can provide them? What application should be installed onboard? What is it used for? Are there any security issues from installing this application? Are there any other options available?
A basic platform is needed for the use of ARGO. We are almost certain that it already exists in your offices and vessels. So, what you need is a modern Web Browser for the WEB application. Also, WINDOWS 7, or later, with NET Framework 3.5 or later, are the least requirements (this applies only for the application that is installed onboard). In order you could see your vessel in near real time manner, in ARGO VTS web application, application should have, in near real time, the vessel's position. This position is taken from vTracker application which is installed onboard. vTracker gets vessel's position from vessel's satellite antenna and sends it to ARGO Server in a completely safe manner. The signals are of minimal data volume (about 60 bytes for each track, which means less than 3MB per year for transition rate of 15 minutes), thus their transmission is of minimal cost for the ship. If you do not wish to install the vTracker application on your vessels, we give you the option to run ARGO only with data that are gathered through the Coastal AIS. In this case, though, we cannot guarantee that signal reception is timely, something that might result in less accuracy. The choice should always lie within your scope of decision making. ARGO supports both ways of data gathering, and there is no price difference for the ARGO application, whatever choice your company makes. We are here to support you and we strongly suggest that your company should opt for the satellite option.


We are here to support you any time

For immediate support please contact us via e-mail. For technical issues please contact our technical department by sending us an e-mail with a special notice regarding the problem you are having with ARGO application.

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